Just a quiet little spot

imageNature preserve, Roxbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

When the light is good I can arrange to drive past this little nature preserve on my way home from work. There is nothing exciting or dramatic here, but I have taken a liking to the shapes of some of the trees, and the way the afternoon sun slants in to highlight them.

I was taken with the shape of this tree; the little twist at the base, no doubt the result of trying to overcome the forces acting upon it; the twisting forces of the wind, and the two main branches working to overbalance the trunk. I liked the obstinate smaller branch, determined to go its own way. And I liked the fact that whoever mows this section of the preserve decided to swing out to include the tree in the area that can be walked. The grass in the unmown area to the right is up to my knees, and as much as I’d like to take a walk into the rougher part of the space, I worry about ticks; deer ticks and the Lyme desease they carry is a real concern hereabouts. It explains why there is a mown section at a “nature” preserve in the first place. It gives people a place to walk and picnic on the edge of a wilder parcel. Connecticut is blessed with an abundance of these little “pocket parks” that give at least some shelter to the critters that need a bit of privacy to exist, and they offer us an opportuniy to rub elbows with a little bit of nature, if only slightly.

Pentax K5IIs with 15mm f4 lens processed on Snapseed on my iPad Air.


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