The people at are thieves!

I really don’t make a habit of looking myself up on the internet, but today I did and I’m pissed! After searching my site on Google I scrolled down a ways and came to a window called “images” with a handful of images from wordpress. So far no foul, but then I clicked on “see more images for stevenwillardimages” and I started to get angry. Scrolling througha number of my photographs I came to an image I knew wasn’t mine. As I continued to look I saw more and more photos that weren’t mine listed under my name. What’s going on I wondered. I clicked to open one of my images “Rise and Shine” and discovered it was put up by some outfit named “” Clicking on the “visit page” tab opened the page where I found six of my images taken from wordpress starting on May 12th this year.

At this point I went back and Googled and the first thing that popped up was reference to the wordpress forum and complaints about this very thing. Clicking on one of the  April 22nd line opens on a wordpress page that perfunctorily announces that the topic is closed to further discussion with no explanation. What the HELL!

So far I have not had a chance to investigate this further, but I STRONGLY suggest that you have a look at your own site as I did and see if you are being taken advantage of. If you have anything to add I’d like to hear from you.



5 comments on “The people at are thieves!

  1. iosatel says:

    The same with me…


  2. How long ago? Did you contact wordpress?


  3. I had another person on wordpress who shall remain wordless use my image on twitter without any credit or permission…i had politely asked that person to at least source the picture but no action was taken on their part…and no response was made…It was and is frustrating when these things continue to happen 😦


  4. JohnAmes says:

    Wow that is terrible!


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