A Quassy good time

imageWooden Warrior, Middlebury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

It’s difficult to fix the exact year when Lake Quassapaug became a true amusement destination. The park’s own history would seem to put it at about 1905, although people had been fishing and picnicing there well before that. It is pretty well recognized that it was after World War II that something like its current “personality” was established.

Today, Quassy holds the place of an old friend in Connecticut. It is small and friendly, and the ideal place to take young children for birthday parties where the adults can get a cold beer to sip while they watch the kids. Imagine the sort of place you might have gone in the mid-fifties and that about describes it. Think nostalgia if you’re the right age, or a place to create happy memories for those younger. Lines for rides are reasonable, and tickets won’t bankrupt a young family.

Information here if you’re interested. http://www.quassy.com

Pentax K5IIs with kit zoom.

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