Woodbury wetlands

imageIntown wetlands, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I mean no disservice to the average Woodbury resident, but I wonder how many of them have ever taken notice of this little creek and the surrounding wetlands that exists right on Main Street in the heart of town; it’s easy to miss driving past at forty miles an hour. I’ll admit that I have noticed it, but paid it little attention. Maybe that’s a good thing for the wetlands, which are so important ecologically. Perhaps they fend best when we just leave them alone. This image is, in a way, a continuation of the preceding post about trying to pay better attention to what I haven’t noticed, or photographed, in my own hometown. It was taken less than a block further down the road on Main Street. Pentax K5IIs with 55-300mm zomm lens and processed on my iPad Air. The lighting conditions were perfect, high overcast, near noon so virtually no harsh shadows. I parked my car by the side of the road and put out one of the yellow hazard cones that that I keep in the car for just this kind of situation; it’s a busy street and I didn’t want to get rear ended! A note: I post full sized, hi-res images so you can see all the detail I see. I’ve noticed that it can sometimes take a little longer for the images to “fully develop” (at least on my iPad)  so that all the information is visible. I sometimes wait as long thirty seconds for the image to reach its full resolution and sharpness. Please give these images a moment for best results. Thanks.


3 comments on “Woodbury wetlands

  1. JohnAmes says:

    Steven do you mean that wordpress will upload the bigger files of hi-res images and not cut them down before posting? I never knew that. Your photograph sure does look terrific.


    • I’m far from an authority, but here’s what I did on the file above. I imported the full sized 16mb RAW file from my SD card straight into my iPad photos. I usually start with either Snapseed or PS Express for basic sharpening and adjustments. If I started in PS I usually go back to Snapseed for further actions and when finished, saved to the Photos on the iPad. So far, there has been no destruction or compression-at least as far as I can tell. These files are imported straight to WP. In the case of this image it’s 5MB (30134X4018). When you bring the image into your post you have options whether to use the full size, or large, medium or small, which downsize the files. Because the onscreen image size is about the same in large size I used to use that until I realized it just wasn’t showing all the information and didn’t look sharp.

      I’m sure there are others out there who will offer other, better ways to achieve similar results, but until I find out what they are, this works for me. Hopes this helps.

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