Meadow view


imageMeadow, Bridgewater, Connecticut © Steven Willard

This grassy meadow that rises to a line of trees didn’t look like much at the time I made the exposure; grey sky, flat shadows, and an abundance of green. To many people it wouldn’t have prompted a stop, let alone the effort to make a photograph. But it is exactly the type of scene I was looking for to demonstrate a point: look harder.

In my last post I wrote about really looking, seeing, the light, and not pay so much attention to the subject. In this case I knew that there was more to the raw file. I could imageine how that image file could be coaxed to reveal a subtle image. Below is that raw image file as downloaded to my iPad Air.

imageThe only software used to proccess the image was Nik Snapseed

This isnt to say that Snapseed is the only way this could have been done, but to say that it is more about knowing what is possible with the tools you have at your disposal, and using that knowledge when looking at a scene, and then owning it.

Photography can be doing nothing more than pointing the camera and letting it do everything else, but that limits not only how our images can look, but by inference, it limits how we see. If all we do is press the shutter we limit ourselves to seeing how the camera sees, and we chance missing everything else that is possible, and what else is there to be seen if we just let ourselves.

Pentax K5IIs with 55-300mm zoom, proccessed in Nik Snapseed.


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