One more day

imageWashington, Connecticut © Steven Willard

As I leave the house to photograph, I try not to to have any preconceived notions about subject matter, but it can’t be helped. In what passes for my back yard it’s hard for me to avoid trees. Fortunately, I have something of a soft spot for trees, and never get tired of them and their variations.

Susan, and Steven were kind enough to invite me to tag along on a recent drive, and once again we found ourselves in the Wasington  hills of Litchfield County. We like to photograph there because of the views only possible from hilltops. The clouds were rolling in from the west in a steady stream, not unlike waves coming ashore, providing a seemingly endless variety in shapes and colors. I chose my widest lens to include as much of the clouds as possible. I also wanted to to place the trees in context and to “open up” the apparent space in the landscape. Here in Connecticut we don’t have the dramatic spaces of the plains states nor the grand mountains of the Rockies or Sierras. What we do have is a more human scaled landscape overseen by occasionally beautiful skies. Each day is a little different, and we never know what that day will bring.

Pentax 5IIs wit 15mm f4. lens processed in Snapseed  on my iPad Air.


4 comments on “One more day

  1. Reblogged this on Simple Moments Blog by Frank J. Casella and commented:
    Dramatic simple moment by photographer Steven Willard. I’m also partial to the sensor in the Pentax K-5IIs ( next best thing to my K-10D I think )…one day I’ll own one.


  2. Thanks for the kindness of the reblog, Frank. Regards the K5IIs: I still have my K10D and at lower iso (400 and lower) I have hard time distinguishing the differences on the monitor, but at higher isos the K5 blows the K10 away. I actually prefer the slightly larger body of the K10D, but both bodies are very well laid out in my opinion. I’d like a tele zoom, and wish there were more choices from other makers, but I am very happy with the small primes I have from Pentax. They-Pentaxes-aren’t for everyone, but I really believe they would suit more people if they took the opportunity to try them.
    Thanks again, Steve


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