Going Up or Down, the path is the same.

imageRamp, Sharon, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Life can be a struggle. We can imagine the mountaineer struggling to reach the summit. The long, often difficult climb to reach the top. We speak, or hear often of the successful businessman (please forgive me, but businessperson is just too cumbersome) who has worked and sacrificed to reach the top; to be able to stand (or more likely sit) and say, “I did it. I made it to the top”.  In both cases we don’t so often think about the path down.

If you have ever hiked in the mountains you know that the hike or climb down is frequently more difficult. It’s hard on the legs and knees to be sure, and it’s every bit as dangerous, but maybe even harder on the mind. Going up you look forward to reaching the top, to seeing something you’ve never seen before. But going down, all you have to look forward to is getting back where you started. The mountaineer knows all this going in. But what of the businessman? Do they ever consider that there might come a time when they have to make a climb down? A time when the money and power are no longer theirs to use. Are they thankful for their time at the top, or are they only wrecked by the climb to the bottom? The experienced mountaineer is thankful to have reached the summit, and is grateful to have made it back to the bottom safe with the memory of a climb well done. Can the businessman say the same? Maybe it’s about knowing where one belongs and being satisfied with that. The ramp, like the mountain and business doesn’t care if you are on your way up or down, it’s all the same. You had better be in it for the journey, not the destination, that’s where the real reward lies.

Pentax K5IIs with kit zoom processed in Snapseed an be in d PS Express on my iPad Air.


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