They don’t make them like this anymore

imageCorner post, Sharon, Connecticut © Steven Willard

The town of Sharon, located in the upper northwest corner of the state, is a small town with an impressive number of stately homes lining the Main Street, actually a green, through the middle of town. The number, and size of the homes in such a small place, located in such a remote part of a small state leaves me wondering just where the money came from; but not curious enough to do the research. I just like to go there for what is the best barbecue I’ve had since leaving Georgia. In fact it just might be the best barbecue I’ve ever eaten.

I’m always nervous when I recommend places to eat, and yesterday was no exception. After visiting The White Silo, location of our next exhibit, Marc drove Susan, Steven and me to Sharon for a meal-on my suggestion. In the past this has led to people questioning my taste, but thankfully, each and every one had nothing but praise for the fare. I had my usual, pulled pork sandwich with a side of baked beans. Delicious and such a portion that I still wasn’t hungry at supper time! What’s the name of this place you ask?

When Pigs Fly, 29 West Maine Street, Sharon, CT 06069  PH. 860-492-000 Or

Now what does any of this have to do with the photograph at top? Absolutely nothing, unless you notice the hand chisel marks in the stone and realize the time it once took to fashion something as simple as a fence post. Not too many people still take the time or pride to do things right. Read into that what you will.

Pentax K5IIs with kit zoom processed in Snapseed and PS Express on my iPad Air.


2 comments on “They don’t make them like this anymore

  1. JohnAmes says:

    A really fine piece of composition sir!


    • Thank you John. I had hit a short dry spell when things just weren’t clicking-no pun intended-and I was feeling a bit down. Fortunately friends pulled me around. We got out town and riding around I began to loosen up. Friends, what would we do without them?

      Sent from my iPad



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