Looking for a Sign?

imageThe Oracle leaves a Sign, Sherman, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Picture yourself alone in a small boat at sea in a fog. There is only one oar with a rusty oarlock, no seat to sit upon, and the boat is leaking. You’re hungry, but all you have in your bag is money. It’s starting to rain and you have nothing to keep you dry and no way to catch the rain to drink. Far in the distance you can hear voices, friends you think. They come from several different directions, each calling you to move in their direction. You are cold, hungry, and starting to get thirsty, but mostly, you’re frustrated. You know that if the fog would lift, and the friends would quiet their advice, just for a moment, you could find your way to safety, warmth, and a place where your money would buy a nice meal and dry clothes.

Sometimes lately that’s how I feel. Too much has happened too quickly and I feel lost. Not helpless, not without options, but feeling pulled in too many directions by people who mean well. The result is a sort of befuddlement, not to be confused as a want of options, but of having too many choices to make the decision clear or easy. I just want the fog to lift, just for a moment to get my bearings, or more accurately, to verify the course I’ve already choosen, better or worse.

My true friends, and they know who they are, are not the problem. They trust my judgement, or instincts, I think. It’s the others, the friendlies, who put me in danger. They lob in ideas and suggestions, they risk putting me in harms way by “friendly fire”. What I need is an Oracle. Someone who has seen all and can point unerringly to the right path. Maybe this was that sign. If only it were that easy.

Pentax K5IIs with kit zoom and processed in Snapseed and PS Express on my iPad Air.


One comment on “Looking for a Sign?

  1. Maria says:

    I think it’s an epidemic
    Too much information LOL


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