Fallow Field 

Well I learned a lesson recently, or perhaps more accurately, I was reminded of a lesson I thought I’d learned before, “Don’t be too quick to judge”.

When I first opened Steve Reinberg’s image it was on my iPone, a 4s no less. Not the best way to look at photographs, and I was in the process of running through the many emails I get daily. In doing so, I did Steve, and his image, a disservice. Fortunately I didn’t just delete it out of hand for when I happened to look at it again on my iPad, and later on my desktop, I found an image I really connect with. As I commented on his site, it reminds me of a painting by a painter I can’t quite place, perhaps Andrew Wyeth. That I can’t name the painter is actually immaterial. The point is that the photograph, and Steve’s treatment of it resonates with me, and I almost missed it because I wasn’t really paying attention, and that would have been a shame.

Steven Reinberg

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