They came in friendship

imageForrest artifact, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Finally the snow has melted; mostly. Wally and I were able to walk places we couldn’t before, and that led us back into the woods and places we haven’t seen in months. There, sitting on a small rise, was this, a giant structure, the meaning of which was not apparent. It was tall, perhaps thirty feet, but it’s impossible to say how deep it extended into the earth. It was massive, constructed of some material that was cool to the touch, but made no sound when struck with a rock. There was no sign of how it got there; no evidence of its purpose. How did it get here?

Perhaps, since there was no evidence of it’s makers, it was put there by something other than terrestrial humans? Will they come back? Are they friendly? Could it be possible that something like this could exist right in my own back yard? Do the authorities know of it’s existence? Should I report it or will I just become embroiled in the sort of circus that always attends such finds? The media that want to know everything. What was I wearing, had I been drinking (or smoking Mother Nature), who put me up to this stunt, do I think it’s a government plot, which government agencies are involved? Crack pots accusing me of being a crack pot.

Wally went up to it, sniffed and lifted his leg. I went down to the condo office and found out the mysterious thing is a water tank that’s been there for years. Oh well.

iPhone 4s developed in Snapseed on my iPad



One comment on “They came in friendship

  1. Marc Isolda says:

    It flew over my house last night!!!!! neat image


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