A shared moment

imageAt Marty’s, Washington Depot, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I’m not particularly adept at the grabbed shot, but I do have the ability to watch people and recognize a potential photograph in the making. My primary problem is the intimidation I feel: what if I’m caught sneaking a photograph, especially if the photograph is of four women? Will they think I’m some sort of deviant and start a frakass resulting in me being banned from Marty’s* for life? These days who knows? Well, I took a chance anyway.

I find this a very pleasing tableau. The two young women so intently focused on something on the cell phone. The juxtaposition of their profiles, the line of their noses almost merging, and the beauty of the soft window light would make for a successful image all by itself. In the background is the other couple; one caught in gesture, the other with just a hint of disapproval on her face, as though tired of not being able to get a word in. Maybe just my imagination. The four, taken all together, I find interesting. Perhaps I’ll have to find more places where I can sit over a cup of coffee and just watch, with a camera of course.

The image was processed in PS Express which is very good for sharpening and noise reduction, and then in Snapseed for final editing.

* Marty’s was the site of one of my exhibits of my American Flag series.   http://www.countytimes.com/articles/2013/01/10/entertainment/doc50edac6789e1f144923013.txt?viewmode=fullstory  It is a comfortable cafe with a monthly schedule of artwork that would probably seem more at home on the West Coast rather than in Washington Depot, Connecticut. The food is good, and they have wi-fi, but so far no cellphone service.


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