Spring hopes eternal*

imageGoodbye to today, Washington, Connecticut © Steven Willard

As the sun goes down we say goodbye to today and welcome tomorrow with the hope that it will be a better day. The seemingly delicate branches belie the strength needed to withstand the forces of a long Winter.

It snowed Friday and Saturday, and the temperature was in the 20s (F), but today that snow is gone. A close look at the tips of the Japanese maple in my front yard reveals just the smallest hint of buds beginning to sprout. We still have to look very closely for signs of Spring but it will come as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow.

*I hope fans of Alexander Pope will forgive my fractured appropriation of one of his most often quoted lines for my intent is pure:

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;

Man never is, but always to be blessed:

The soul, uneasy and confined from home,

Rests and expatiates in a life to come.


Pentax K5IIs with kit zoom, file processed on my iPad Air with Snapseed and PS Express.


3 comments on “Spring hopes eternal*

  1. This is beautiful – the sky is amazing.


  2. Wonderful clouds. A glorious day no matter how you look at it!


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