Growing up fast

imageSomeday Seniors, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I couldn’t figure why these two young ladies weren’t in school on a Monday morning. As it turned out they had the day off for teacher conferences, or something like that. Their dad was looking out for them, and brought them to New Morning Market* where he could let them use the free wi-fi while he had a healthy breakfast at a table far enough away to give them some space; him too, to be fair.

I loved the way the girls sat quietly, watching who knows what, sharing the earbuds. They were so well behaved; no arguing about what to watch. They were behaving so maturely; old for their ages. I hope they had fun today.

Image made with my iPad Air and processed using PS Express, Snapseed and Stackables.

*New Morning is our local natural food store, and often serves as my “away from home office”.


2 comments on “Growing up fast

  1. JohnAmes says:

    Isn’t shooting with an iPad awkward?


  2. It usually is for me. I take very few images with the iPad, but in this instance I was using it when I saw the two girls, and I know that they had seen me using it so it didn’t set off any bells when I turned and made two exposures. I had to rest it on the table to hold it steady, and had to crop it by about half.


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