What’s behind the green door?

imageRoxbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

This little shed sits on the edge of a small pond currently hidden by snow. I have no idea what’s kept inside, but I’ve always been curious. And why did they paint the door green?

I couldn’t find a place to pull off the road so I made several passes in the car, going as slow as I dared, and shot through the open window. Not something I recommend! This was the final frame and needed just a bit of cropping and straitening. The Pentax 70mm lens is the equivalent of 105mm on full frame and didn’t have quite enough reach, but it’s very sharp and handled the cropping easily. In fact I added a small amount of blur in Stackables to take the edge off and lend a bit of atmosphere. I think sometimes photograph can be too sharp; just my opinion.

Pentax K5IIs with 70mm f2.4 lens processed with Nik Snapseed and Stackables on my iPad Air.


2 comments on “What’s behind the green door?

  1. Hello Steven, I think everything you need for a nice summer barbecue at the nearby pond. I like the blur as “the final touch”. Adds the atmosphere of melting snow to the image. Best regards, Reinhold

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