She wants to be Alone

imageWorking Lunch, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Do you work during your lunch? If you do, is it at a task that really needs doing, or are you doing it as a way not to feel lonely, or as a way to discourage others from bothering you?  I see a lot of people with their laptops and tablets out on the table as they eat. I’m sure some are only surfing the net or perhaps reading a book, but I’ve also noted that quite a few really look like they are trying to get something done. But my question is, are they working because they have no one with whom to share a meal, or is it just easier to hide in the computer than to strike up a conversation with a stranger?

I know I’m sometimes guilty of burying my head in my iPad when I might be having a better time talking with a new acquaintance, and that’s a mistake I’m trying to correct. The open laptop might as well be a sign that shouts “DO NOT DISTURB”, and that really isn’t the message I want to send to people. This woman had taken a seat at the far end of the bench and had walled herself off from any approach using her handbag and posture. Was this what she had intended? She might as well have hung a sign around her neck that said “Leave Me Alone!”; and we did.

IPhone 4S, developed using Snapseed, Stackables, and some other apps on my iPad Air.



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