Random chaos

imageBrookfield, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I wonder what it is in our human psyche that wants to enforce order on the random chaos of nature. I don’t mean that we all insist on straight lines and right angles; most of us recognize a beautiful curve. I’m talking about the almost cazy desire to make some sort of order out of what we deem as messy…sorry, I was trying to come up with another word for chaos. We want our lawns trimmed to a nice even hight. We want our flower beds to be cleanly edged and delineated from the rest of the lawn. We want our bushes and hedges prunned and our trees devoid of any errant branch. We sweap up fallen leaves as though they are a blight on our imposed order, rather than the natural progression of the seasons.

I was pulling out of the parking lot where I work when I was struck by the complete lack of order in the lot across the street. It reminded me of bed head, you know, how your hair looks in the morning before you comb it. I have so little hair now that I’d welcome bed head again; it’s the kind of random chaos I’d be happy with. Instead, I have to be content with finding it where I can.

Canon G10, processed on my iPad Air using Snapseed® and Stackables®


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