Murder in an orchard

imageBethlehem, Connecticut © Steven Willard

We were out for an afternoon drive, Susan and Steven Reinberg and I, hoping to find something to photograph in the grey light and snow. Once again it was cold and dreary, but the heater was on in the CRV and we were laughing and having a good time. We kid one another about who saw what first and can thereby rightfully claim an image, but in fact I think we actually spur each other to see better.

We had stopped the car in the empty parking lot at Bishop’s Orchard and I had turned to a scene across the street, but I wasn’t seeing it happen in the viewfinder. Steven was staying close to the car and Susan had gone off in another direction when I heard a commotion coming from behind a rise back on the other side of the road. I  went to investigate, and there, on a distant hillside, was a tree full of crows with more in the bare apple trees near by creating a raucous cacophony.  I think they were having as good a time as we were.

Panasonic Lumix G3 with an old Nikkor 55mm micro f3.5 lens mounted via a Fotodiox adapter. Processed on my iPad Air using Nik Snapseed® and Stackbles®.


3 comments on “Murder in an orchard

  1. Interesting image. I like the square format. I’ve started to play around with the aspect ratios on my Olympus OM-D M5 as a way of seeing the world in a different format. There are so many ways to crop a given image. Sometimes I crop tightly, though spaces are important, as they are here. I like the relationship between the three trees in the centre and a narrow vertical format might also work with this subject.


  2. Mike says:

    Like this composition of this and the Part 2, the tuning certainly gives a different life to the image. Nice work!


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