A Walk in a Cold Wood



 A walk in a cold Wood

With watering eyes, fingers numb, toes tingling, cold in the back of my throat.

Quiet, now the wind has stopped. Only the sound of a cardinal, a rust colored female, darting in the trees.

I want to be here. To see this. To experience this. The cold darking wood, after the storm, as night falls.


5 comments on “A Walk in a Cold Wood

  1. Beautiful. I love this – reminds me of my youth in Canada when we used to play in the snowy woods!

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    • Thank you, James, for the wonderful comment. I think, ultimately, if I tried to characterize the work I’m aiming for, it would be called “evocative”. I’m not trying to shock or go for the grand image, but I am hoping to evoke a memory or a feeling in my viewers. I’m glad this one reminded you of something pleasant.


  2. Mike says:

    Very much enjoyed this Steven, great pairing of words and image. Thanks!


  3. Moody, and very cold…..just perfect, in fact.


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