Slow to rise

imageUnmade bed, Deer Isle, Maine © Steven Willard

I slept in this morning. It’s not something I do very often, but after working yesterday and then staying up till after one o’clock to celebrate my birthday and the New Year, I was beat. As I lay there, working up the steam to get out of bed, I remembered a photograph I had taken while on vacation a few years ago. At the time I had no idea why I made the image; or how, or if, I would ever have a way to use it. Fortunately, I just went with my gut and made it.

So, here is another lesson learned… again. If you have the urge to make a photograph…make it! Even if you don’t understand why you need to do it at the time. Don’t worry about how, or if you will ever find a use for it; just make the picture. There might come a time when it will be just what you need to illustrate a point.

Pentax K10D with kit zoom, converted to black and white in Photoshop CS4 and tweaked in Nik Snapseed® on my iPad Air before importing to WordPress.


One comment on “Slow to rise

  1. The morning sun spilling through the blinds, the glowing bedpost, the tangle of sheets. The infrared feel of this image takes it to that realm of memory and imagination. Nice.


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