Why This, not That

imagePseudo-nude? © Steven Willard

Do you ever think about why you take pictures? I don’t mean just a particular image, but why do you choose photography as a mode of expression? It is a subject I have thought of often. What compels us to to spend the effort (and the money!) on this activity? For some it is obvious, they are photo-journalists, or professional portraitists. Some are commercial photographers, and some make a living as fine art photographers; but what of the rest of us? Every day literally millions of pictures are made. Again, some are understandable; birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings and trips to Disney World and other special occasions. But what about the rest, guys like me who carry a camera with them every day in search of ….of what? What causes us to stop and make a photograph? Why do we choose one particular subject and pass something else?  Why one thing and not another?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have entered a few competitions, and even won a couple. I’ve managed to sell a few prints too, but all together the proceeds  wouldn’t pay for my photography equipment, and probably never will, still I persist. Why? Why do you? What do you do with the images you make besides showing them on the internet? Do you make prints, and if so, what do you do with them? Do you make books or folios? Do you  give them away or frame and hang them on the walls of your home?

For me, it has come down to the fact that photography is my only creative expression. I have decided that I will make photographs regardless of their worth to others. My output is twofold; this blog, and prints, which I hope will survive me. Whether anyone will find value in those prints is open to debate, but it’s not relevant to me at this point. I have decided to make photographs that like and hope that at least a few others will like them as well. If no one does, so be it.

This is another image I find difficult to explain, but it caught my eye and I knew I had to photograph it. I think I was drawn by its evocative nature and I wanted to see if I could convey that to anyone else, but that’s just a guess.

I’d really be interested to hear how you share your images. Is WordPress your only outlet, or do you share your work in other ways? Let me know.

Pentax K10D with kit zoom Processed in Photoshop CS4 and Stackables®.


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