The Shadow

imageRoxbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Last night I was awakened by the the sound of the wind; a strong wind, gusting stronger, and I could feel the temperature in the house dropping. It was the kind of night that causes me to pull the covers over my head and put off getting out of bed as long as possible. But eventially I had to get up and get dressed and take Wally out for some relief.

I had expected the wind to ease as the day progressed but that didn’t happen, it just got a bit warmer. I stopped by New Morning for a cup of coffee and a muffin while I checked my email and the blogs I read on a daily basis, but after a while I felt like going for a drive. The camera was already in the car.

I  was on the lookout for an image that would relate to the wind; wind blown leaves, trees bending or something like that, but it just wasn’t happening. I drove up and down some of roads I thought might yield an image or two to no avail. I was also looking for some roadside bittersweet vines to cut and take back home for Chris to hang on the front door, but even that didn’t pan out. The only vines I saw were too high up in the trees for me to reach. It was turning into one of those days. Then I saw these two cows.

The black yearling had taken a pose that seemed to imply it was shadowing the larger, older cow, and they had both stopped under a tree as though looking for some shelter from the wind. I pulled the car on to the grass shoulder and grabbed the camera, hoping that they hadn’t moved. I propped the camera on a fencepost and made a few exposures as they kept an eye on me and then it was back into the warmth of the car.

Pentax K5IIs with 70mm Pentax lens, processed in Nik Snapseed® on my iPad Air.


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