Another Look at Fall


Limbs, Leaves and Parking Garage, Danbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Fall  comes in all kinds of ways. The subtle shift of the sun’s path and the shorter days. The cooler mornings. The migration of the birds, the Canada geese heading south. And the leaves changing color just before they fall and reveal the shape of the branches.

A trip to the mall had me driving around and around looking for a place to park not too far from the entrance, but it wasn’t to be. It worked out though because I was forced to walk passed this vignette of a tree growing in a light well with a concrete wall in the background. I was taken by the contrast; nature versus manmade, the random patterns of nature against the featureless slabs of concrete, and of course the colors. I was reminded of a Chinese scroll.

Canon G10, processed in Photoshop CS4, Snapseed® and Stackables®.


4 comments on “Another Look at Fall

  1. Just beautiful. And inspiring. The feeling of a Chinese or Japanese painting struck me immediately. I had been worrying that this year’s fall foliage will be more muted and brief. You show me that nature’s beauty is everywhere. Even at the mall.


  2. Beautiful images…you have captured the essence of autumn perfectly!


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