Time for Wool

imageSheep, Roxbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

It’s beginning to feel like Fall. Overnight temperatures below fifty degrees (F), and cooler days. But more than that, I think it is the light I sense changing. Of course the sun is coming up later and setting earlier, but what I feel is the direction and quality of the light. As the sun’s path arcs lower and lower to the south I notice a difference in the shadow patterns, and a difference in the clarity and color of the light. Is this my imagination? I don’t think so, but maybe I’m wrong.

What I do know is that we are starting to see the first of the leaves change color. Driving down a country lane and there in a bend of the road will be a lone tree with it’s leaves already starting to turn. So far the early colors are bright and bode well for a colorful Fall.

A recent stop at Roxbury’s Maple Bank Farm* for local apples and some sun flowers reminded me that it’s time to get my wool shirts and sweaters out of storage. This ewe had already given up her wool earlier in the season and was on her way to putting on a new coat for winter.

*  http://www.maplebankfarm.com

Panasonic Lumix G3 with 20mm f1,7 lens, down loaded to my iPad Air and converted to black and white in Nik Snapseed®



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