A Walk in the Sun

imageNew Haven, Connecticut © Steven Willard

In the previous post I mentioned that I had recently been to New Haven to visit the Yale British Museum. Part of my plan was to spend at least some time after seeing the exhibit walking around the Yale campus, in particular Chapel Street. There is something about the angle of the sun here that seems to work to my advantage and I have almost always found something to photograph.

I’ve been trying to exercise the wonderful little 70mm f2.4 (105mm eq.) more than I have been. My natural tendency is to grab the “normal” standard 35mm (50mm eq.) or my 15mm (21mm) wide angle lenses and I’m trying to move outside my habitual choices; trying to loosen up my vision. It was about 3 o’clock (notice the shadow), and I was shooting across the street from the shade into warm sun. I noticed this woman, walking with such a sense of  purpose, her shoulders back and black dress flowing around her; she commanded attention. One shot is all you get in situations such as this; there is no second chance. It’s throw the camera to your eye, and press the shutter. It is a type of photography I don’t get to practice very often, and I miss the excitement generated by that small rush. In my old film days it was agonizing to wait until the film was developed to find out whether I had gotten the shot or not. Now I know almost instantly, but you still can’t reshoot. That part hasn’t changed.

I like this image for a number of reasons. The strong linearity of the building, contrasted by the irregular shape of the woman and, to a lesser degree, by the small shrub. I like the pattern of the bricks accented by the bold black vertical and horizontal elements; I like the textures. I also like the unanswered questions; did she just come out of the door on the right, and where is she going now? But most of all, I like her, in the long black dress with backpack and sandals. She appeared so confident. I hope she had a good day.

Pentax K5IIs with 70mm lens imported into my iPad Air and processed in Nil Snapseed®.


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