Approaching Storm

imageWoodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

It’s the time of summer when we get some dramatic afternoon thunder storms. The mornings will dawn clear, but humid with blue skies. Then as the day warms, the hot humid air rises and the humidity condences to become the great rolling storm clouds about the time the sun is falling in the west.

I pulled over to watch this cloud pattern develop; I wasn’t even thinking of photographing it until the light changed and tinted the country with a hint of rose. At that point it was a race to get the camera out of the bag in time to make a few exposures before it was gone. Never let anyone tell you that photographing the landscape is dull.

Pentax K5IIs with  35mm macro lens. Processed on my iPad Air with Nik Snapseed® and Stackables®


6 comments on “Approaching Storm

  1. What a gorgeous photograph. And here I have been worrying about what kind of foreground to put in front of the amazing skies I have been watching overhead. Procrastination is clearly our downfall. Thank you for teaching me that the moment is always right in front of us and it is our state of readiness that counts. Thank you again for your insights.


  2. Thanks for your response to this image, but I really don’t think I have anything to teach you. We just have different ways of seeing, and that way of seeing changes over time.


  3. Exceptional photograph Steven. I love a good storm and you have captured the light just perfectly. Wonderful!


    • Thank you for your very kind comment. Growing up in South Texas with its wide open skies, we could see storms coming from miles away, usually big blue-black walls rolling in from the northwest. Here in New England the storms almost sprout out off thin air (no irony intended). We are susceptible to mico-climate effects, and things change very quickly. I enjoy your stormy images also.

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  4. Marc Isolda says:

    Steve, this shot reminds me so much of the English countryside. Jolly welll done old boy!!!!


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