The other Fall colors

imageApple Tree, Bethlehem, Connecticut  © Steven Willard

Here in New England Fall colors are so important they bring bus loads of tourists to see them, and the money they bring counts as a significant part of the economy. What most of us are thinking of when we say Fall colors are the leaves; those glorious maple, ash and oak trees that light up the hillsides. But there are other sources of Fall color.

Yesterday I was out driving around with friends Susan and Steven when we stopped to make some photographs at March Farms in Bethlehem. The apple trees are loaded with ripening fruit, the branches bowed to the ground. It was a hazy overcast in preparation for the thunderstorm that was coming later (and boy did it come and come down!) so it wasn’t the best light for capturing the distant hills, but it was great light for photographing the apples up close.

I was using my Pentax K5IIs with the great little 70mm f2.4 lens. This is the equivalent to a 105mm lens on full frame 35, but is much smaller. It makes a wonderful portrait lens, and portraits of apples was what I had on my mind.  With the ISO cranked up to 800 I was able to use f4.5 and fairly high shutter speeds so that I could move around the trees without a tripod. I made lots of images. Each tree had it’s own bunch of apples waiting to be picked. I finally had to just say enough is enough.

I bought the jpeg files into my iPad Air and went through the task of tossing out the losers, then went through that stack (funny how I still think of it as a stack as though they were slides) and began working on them in Nik Snapseed®. Some I moved over to Stackables® for some more tweaking and then saved to my camera roll and then on to Google Drive. All this I was able to do at a table in New Morning, our local health food store. Amazing the technology we have at out disposal.

I feel like I’m getting a head start on Fall which doesn’t really start for three more weeks. Next it’s mums and pumpkins!

Pentax K5IIs with 70mm lens, processed in Nik Snapseed® and Stackables®


One comment on “The other Fall colors

  1. Pat says:

    What a beautiful branch of apples. They make me want to visit our local orchard.


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