Summer Light

imageBridgewater. Connecticut © Steven Willard

I am so often drawn to the bigger picture when looking for landscape images that I know I must miss the more intimate scenes like this. It must be something about human nature that propels us to the grand and the big. I have written elsewhere that one of the things I had to adapt to when I moved here was the smaller scale of the New England landscape; a sense that if I could see it I could walk to it. I had grown up in South Texas and its wide open spaces, and when I became seriously interested in photography my guides were Edward Weston and Ansel Adams who worked so successfully in the wide open spaces of the American West. But New England, and Connecticut specifically, is more personal in size, and it took me a while to realize that for me, much of its beauty lay in its approachability, its intimacy, and this is what I have been working to capture.

I had been keeping my eye on this meadow for some time, watching as the sun moved across it as the seasons changed and as the grass changed from the emerald green of new growth to gold mixed with a tinge of red. Yesterday on my way home from work I finally stopped to make some photographs as beef cows munched noisily just the other side of the road, and the light had a golden glow. I would have worked longer, but Walley, my dog, was waiting at home to be taken out for his evening walk. We do what we can with the time we have.

Pentax K5IIs with a 50mm f1.4 legacy lens, processed in Photoshop and Nik software.


2 comments on “Summer Light

  1. Theresa Navarre says:

    This is a beautiful image. I love the shadows and textures. This would also make a nice painting. Where is this taken in Bridgewater and what time of day exactly is this? I would love to go take a few pics to base a painting on. This image has nice emotional quality.


    • Thanks for your kind remarks and endorsement. The photograph was made about 6:45 in the evening yesterday on the north side of Hut Hill Road just east of the Town Line Road intersection. I’d love to see your painting.

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