For the Joy of It

On-Deer-Isle,-Maine Deer Isle, Maine © Steven Willard

There was no one about to ask the story of this building. It is located next to a much larger, more substantial church next door. My guess is that it might have been the original church until it was outgrown, and now serves as Sunday school classrooms, but that is just a guess. What struck me, of course, is the ornamental shingle work. Whose idea was it, and who paid for it?

I have a hard time believing the church board would have backed such extravagance. Church boards are always looking for ways to tighten the budget. Was it the gift of a wealthy parishioner? Maybe someone who grew up in the old church, and wanted to protect that memory? Or maybe it was the work of a member who was a contractor. Perhaps he wanted to keep a couple of his workers occupied, and was able to donate the whole job to the curch, and write it off his taxes. But none of those ideas explain the wonderful craftsmanship. That was something which someone really cared about. He, and I imagine it was one man, used this opportunity to express his craft and ability. It was going to be out there for years for all to see, a testament to his talent. Was he doing it to show off, or was it an all too rare a chance to shine. To work for the joy of it.

A lot of the time we just do the job. We put in our forty hours, but not a lot more. Oh, we’re happy for the work, but that’s all it is; work. But sometimes we get a chance to let our creative juices flow, and at those times we would be willing to work for free just to show people what we can do. What would that be like? To be able to live where everything we did was an expression of our art or craft? To be joyful of everything we created. It’s an interesting thought.


2 comments on “For the Joy of It

  1. Marc Isolda says:

    Ah, Maine what a great study in texture!!


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