Reboot, putting God back in the Church

How God gets in the ChurchNew Haven, Connecticut © Steven Willard

On a trip to New Haven I chanced upon a scene few have the opportunity to witness; the reestablishment of God’s presence in a church. I know some of you will be shocked. You probably thought, as I used to, that once a church had been consecrated God’s presence was pretty much guaranteed for the life of the building. And that may have been, where the congregation and clergy worked to maintain that status, but more and more the actions of those who used to worship in such places have, instead, driven God away, pulling the hairs of His beard in frustration. How to get Him back?

In the old days it used to be enough for the offenders to offer words of contrition or maybe buy a new organ or hymnals, or perhaps a fancy new desk for the church office. But lately, with the influence of the internet and all the ways that one may transgress under its influence, it has become more and more common to learn that “God has left the building”. Something had to be done, and it was only a matter of time before some enterprising individual came up with a high tech method for getting God’s presence back in the building. This is usually done under cover of darkness to avoid having to answer embarrassing questions from passersby and inconvenient interruptions by nosey building inspectors. In some circumstances, however, it has proven more effective to “run the reinstall” on Sunday mornings when there would be the least number of people present to interrupt. Thus it was that on a recent Sunday morning I found myself witness to something few have seen, but something that is likely to become more and more common in the future.

Pentax K5IIs, 15mm f4 lens processed in Photoshop CS4.


4 comments on “Reboot, putting God back in the Church

  1. thelmacrape says:

    Well said. And a happy April 1 to you.


  2. nikkorbacher says:

    It even looks like there’s a “trinity” of tubes…


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