Selfie or Self portrait? Is there a difference?

It’s come to this; I’ve stooped to the point of the selfie to have something to show here. The truth is, I wanted to show that it’s possible to use available light, a mirror, and simple editing software to make a passably good portrait. Is it still a selfie then?

Here is an impromptu self portrait made in a men’s room of all places; I liked the light when I was washing my hands. (A hint here; be sure to lock the door, and don’t take too long!) I happened to have my Lumix G3 and 20mm f1.7 lens set to ISO 1600. The camera was set to square format with the black and white filter, jpeg finest; all editing in the camera so far.

Steve, selfie

Not much to look at, but enough to work with. I did all the following on my iPad Air using  Snapseed®. First I cropped in tighter and used the Selective Adjust to darken the background to focus attention on the subject. Next I used the Selective Adjust to tweak the contrast and brightness of the face and hands. When I had things how I liked them, I used the Detail tool to sharpen the beard a bit. Just for fun I went back to the Selective Adjust tool to see if I could bring out some detail in the lens. The final step was to add a frame reminiscent of my old Hasselblad days using Frames, and here’s the end result.


 Not art, but not a bad likeness either. Is it a self portrait or a “selfie”?

Panasonic Lumix G3 with 20mm f1.7 lens. Edited in Nik Snapseed® on my iPad Air.


4 comments on “Selfie or Self portrait? Is there a difference?

  1. Well done self portrait! I especially like the hat. Again that’s for the photography lesson and proving that it’s the photographer, not the technology, that makes a successful photograph.


  2. Marc Isolda says:

    Definitely a self portrait and I like the Hassy framing very clever. Reminds me of images made in the thirties, you were around then weren’t you????? 🙂


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