Thoughts of warmer days

imageDeer Isle, Maine © Steven Willard

Maybe it was an attempt to take my mind off the weather here or the mild blues I get towards the end of winter, but I found myself scrolling through images I had taken while on one of my favorite vacations a few years ago. Chris and I had taken off for Maine with virtually no plans. We had spent a previous vacation on the southern Maine coast, but this time we wanted to go farther north and had set our sights Deer Isle, Mt Desert, and Bar Harbor.

We spent the first night in Freeport after a later than planned for departure, then took a leisurely drive north with an eye on Stonington where friends had recommended we visit. We found a beautiful B&B right on water, but they had no vacancy; the price one pays for flying by the seat of one’s pants. We were in luck though when the owner offered to call another inn to check availability, and on her description, we booked rooms sight unseen at what proved to be one of the nicest places I’ve ever encountered. The Pilgrim’s Inn on Deer Isle, offered spacious rooms and a wonderful restaurant in peaceful surroundings that made it very difficult to leave. We stayed a few days until we had to vacate for other folks who had made reservations in advance, then drove on up the coast as far as Bar Harbor and Northeast Harbor before heading back home. To this day it ranks as one of my all time favorite vacations. Maybe I can make it till summer.

This photograph was made just after dawn a short walk down the road from the inn.

Pentax K10D with kit zoom. Processed in Photoshop CS4.


4 comments on “Thoughts of warmer days

  1. Pat says:

    This sound like the type of vacations we like to take. Somewhat planned but not “booked” planned. Because of this we usually travel right before or after the high tourist season. One of the benefits of age and retirement. 🙂 Beautiful photo, Steven.


  2. I think there is a Truman Capote quote about the good thing about being rich is eating fresher vegetables. Personally I think it would be the ability to travel whenever/wherever one wanted. I’d eat whatever vegetables were handy. Thanks for the comment.


  3. nikkorbacher says:

    First, the colors of the photo are stunning! Second, nice quote from Capote. It always surprises me that he and Harper Lee were childhood friends.


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