It looks colder than it was

Woodbury-winter2-3-14Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I spent a full, fun day in the warm companionship of good  friends today. Marc, Susan and I delivered our entries for the Washington Arts Association yearly members show which has it’s opening on February 8th. Wouldn’t you know that it would snow today. We didn’t let it deter us from dropping off our prints then proceeding on to have a nice lunch at Marty’s. Over wonderful hot soup we talked about photography and art, and the difficulties of trying to make art, and money, while being true to one’s own vision. After lunch we took the long way to Morris, where we visited with our friends, Louis and Theresa. It snowed all day and as I drove, Susan, then Marc, then Susan again, would ask me to stop or turn around so photographs could be made. The snow made for slow going, but that only made it better. By the time I finally got home the light had almost gone, but I had enough light to make this image.

I’ve been fortunate in the time I’ve lived in Woodbury. It’s a small town, and one might be excused in thinking the opportunities for meeting like-minded people would be small; not the case. I’ve been blessed with friends I’ve made here; their kindness, talent, and warmth. Thanks guys, I wasn’t cold all day. Did I mention it was a fun day?


7 comments on “It looks colder than it was

  1. thelmacrape says:

    It sounds like a perfect day. Thank you for the winter scenes you have posted. Beautiful.


  2. Marc Isolda says:

    I think I see a couple of colonials peering over that fence line. Once again an outstanding image that truly captures New England winter, well done old friend!!!


  3. How nice of you to mention your companions on that snowy day. And here I was feeling guilty that you had done all the driving that day on slippery roads and not the picture taking. This late day snow scene proves your generosity of spirit didn’t keep you from getting the shot! Not to mention first place in the photography category at WAA. (Did anyone tell me not to mention that?)


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