Christmas Trees


In the Woods, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

It’s Christmas Eve, the shopping is done, we only have to cook a simple sweet potato dish, wrap a few presents, and we are all set to spend Christmas day with the rest of the family. We are expecting a light snow tonight and it is getting colder in anticipation. I took our dog Wally out for his afternoon walk and carried my Lumix G3 in my coat pocket “just in case.” The light was going fast and the woods are pretty bleak so whatever I found to photograph I knew was going to end up as black and white. Looking up I was struck by the beauty and intricacy of all the interwoven branches that are invisible when the trees are in leaf. It’s a sight you have to wait all year to see. Some might find this a dreary image, but to me it’s more symbolic. Winter, when nature hunkers down to get ready for spring. Without one the other doesn’t happen; and that’s just how it is.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Panasonic Lumix G3 with Olympus Body cap lens.  In camera black and white conversion. Processed in Photoshop CS4.


9 comments on “Christmas Trees

  1. Thank you Steven. And the same Merry Christmas wishes to you. I saw a very similar scene yesterday with a haloed sun b and urning through the late day clouds. I was on my way to a Christmas Eve gathering and I had left my camera at home. What a mistake. Thank you for retrieving the moment for me and for your insights about those unique views we capture only when we appreciate them.


    • I think one of the important things about photography, for me anyway, is that it’s like drawing a line under a passage in a book you want to remember. You have to read(see) it first, but it helps fix it in our minds. We can go back to it again and again. The photograph doesn’t have to be a true likeness; it may even be more effective if it isn’t. but he stronger the image the better it helps us recall.

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  2. thelmacrape says:

    One of my favorite winter scenes. Thank you.


  3. Mike Crape says:

    Reblogged this on Real Life Co. and commented:
    There are few that I consistently follow, Steven (or Steve) is one. I love his photography and the words his writes. He sees as it is, captures it and tells you why. Authenticity is rare these days and this is one person that finds and tells it so. Read on, this is from the first day of Christmas and now that Epiphany is upon us it is more worthy of consideration. Enjoy and Thank You Mr Willard.


    • Rene says:

      Thanks Mike. I like this site a lot, and have begun to follow it.


    • Mike, I don’t know how I missed this before. I was going back through the posts to find out if Im had already posted something (I hadn’t) when I found this. Forgive me for not getting back to you to thank you for your kind words ad the reblog. I haven’t seen you lately. I hope all is okay.


  4. Rene says:

    Following you due to Mike Crape’s recommendation, and then the lovely work on your page. I am excited to see more of your work as the year progresses.

    Peace & Love


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