Reflecting on Light

Seymore-StorefrontStorefront, Seymour, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Of all the things photographers depend on light must be the most important. I know that with new digital cameras it’s possible to take pictures in almost total darkness, but light is the single most important thing we rely on. You can make photographs with all kinds of cameras; you can even make photographs without cameras or lenses, but you must have light.

All this is by way of commenting on the making of this image. I had been walking around the small downtown section of Seymour, getting colder and colder but not having much luck. The light was just not co-operating. The day had turned overcast as the afternoon wore on and I just wasn’t being moved to make photographs. I have stated before that high overcast is some of my favorite light, but today it just wasn’t working. I was headed back to the car with my tail (tripod) between my legs when the sun broke out as I turned down this side street. It was lighting my side of the street, but the reflections on the shop windows and the mirrors literally hit me in the eyes. I was afraid the light was going to change before I had a chance to mount the camera on the tripod so I exposed a few frames as insurance. Once I had myself covered I put the camera on the tripod and made a few more exposures. This was one of the latter.

This image required some post processing to straighten the effects of the tilted camera and the fact that I wasn’t dead square to the buildings. There was some cropping and color corrections done at the same time. Last was some sharpening using unsharp mask. Here is the before image.

Storefront-beforeStorefront, Seymour, Connecticut © Steven Willard

This was another situation where I was ready to pack it in and go home. Walking down this street a few minutes earlier I probably would have not bothered to make this photograph; it was the light that stopped me in my tracks, and then I saw the reflections. How could I NOT make this photograph?

Pentax K10D with Pentax 35mm macro lens, processed in Photoshop CS4.


3 comments on “Reflecting on Light

  1. Marc Isolda says:

    nice correction!!!


  2. kitt says:

    Hidden objects of clarity. Wonderful fix!


  3. Thanks for you comment.


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