Every A New


New Haven, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I guess if you keep your eyes and mind open there are potential photographs just about everywhere. I will grant that doesn’t mean they will all be good or successful, but to mis-quote the Lotto slogan,”if you don’t shoot you can’t win”, and just as with Lotto, every win doesn’t pay a million dollars. One of the great things about digital photography is that once you have purchased your camera the cost of playing is minimal. You don’t have to buy a new lottery ticket every day, but if you play (shoot) every day your odds and skills get better.*

I was in New Haven visiting Hull’s, my favorite art supply store and had to walk a couple of blocks to the store from where I parked. I try to have my camera with me when I walk and was looking for photo opportunities. I had to stop at a crosswalk to wait for the light to change and noticed this telephone pole which had been the site of countless flier postings. With the camera up to my eye I started walking around the pole. I took photographs as new combinations caught my fancy, and then moved closer and went around again. I tried to ignore the pedestrians as the came up to the corner, but I could see them out of the corner of my left eye. What they thought I was doing I can only imagine. I crossed the street eventually and was met with another pole on that corner, so I repeated the process, and then did it again. Eventually I came to my destination otherwise who knows how long I would have kept it up.

At home on the computer I had a good time weeding out the losers and selecting potential winners.There were several I could have posted instead, but I like the shapes and textures in this image. I’ve tried and tried to make sense of the words visible but the fact that I can’t just makes the image more mysterious and and I think better for it.

Is this a wonderful photograph? Probably not, but I had a good time making it. The circumstance was unusual and unexpected, and the skills needed in Photoshop while not extensive used some blending layers thatI had not used before. So, in the end, for me, it’s  a successful photograph.

*I know that at least in lottery your odds don’t necessarily improve just because you play more often. It’s my understanding that your odds are calculated anew each time you play. What I mean is that the more photographs you take the more chances you have of making a good one. At least that’s my theory.

Pentax K10 D with 35mm macro lens, processed in Photoshop CS4.


2 comments on “Every A New

  1. Marc Isolda says:

    Outstanding, definitely one of your best shots, wish I had done it!!!!


  2. Mike Crape says:

    I think this is a great shot, it says a lot in the details and the composition. Great work Steven!


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