Precariously Perched


Leaf and Stone Bridgewater, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I don’t know about you, but I have an affinity for contrast in photographs. I’m not talking about contrasts in luminance so much as contrasts in things like textures, sizes and weights, even different emotions depicted by people in an image.  There are a lot more, but you get the idea.

Marc was driving us around the small back roads of Bridgewater that he knows far better than I, when he pulled off the road so we could flex our shutter fingers. It had been a sunny day, but it was a sun that was loosing warmth. There was a chill in the air and a quickening breeze that was sending shivers up my back.  Still, it was a lovely fall afternoon and we were trying to capture some of the last of the fall colors. I stepped off the road and into the trees looking for something other than another photograph of a tree with golden leaves. I had been so intent on looking up, trying to find a composition that would take advantage of the blue sky that I almost stumbled into a hole. That was when I noticed this gnarly rock formation with three bright yellow leaves clinging to it. Just as I moved in to frame a photograph the wind gusted and I saw the larger leaf in the center quiver and slip a bit. I knew I could always put it back in place if it fell, but I REALLY wanted to shoot it as I found it. It managed to hang on long enough for me to make several exposures and was still there when I left.

I really like the contrast of the permanence represented by the rocks contrasting with the short life of a tree leaf; the dark grey of the stone and the bright color of the now dead leaf.

Pentax K5IIs with the Pentax 70mm lens. I desaturated the color from the rock with Nik Silver Efex Pro2 but left the color in the leaf using Photoshop CS4.


6 comments on “Precariously Perched

  1. Marc Isolda says:

    Your killing me!!!!!! Unbelievable shot and nicely manipulated.


  2. Mike Crape says:

    Great shot Steven, I do like the contrasts as you detail it in this photograph, nice work!


  3. Hi Steven. I’m glad you dropped by my blog because it meant I had a link to your’s and quite a delight it is. This image immediately grabbed me…just love it….the warm greys and delicate shading of the rock against the punchy colour and nicely resolved texture of the leaf…..a simple but powerful photograph.


  4. nikkorbacher says:



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