After the Frost


Hostas, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

I look forward to seeing the hostas leaf out each spring. Around here they are a popular addition to the gardens and a common sight lining the pathways and sidewalks. But now is the time to bid them farewell for another season.  With the first overnight frost the leaves turn from green to gold and die. I’ve enjoyed the summer offerings of fresh corn and tomatoes, fresh greens and basil, summer squash, too. Now, after the first frost, I’m ready for winter vegetables; winter squashes and pumpkins, and thanks to my mother-in-law’s encouragement, I enjoy turnips which are sweetest after the first freeze.

As in life, as we say goodbye to one thing, we welcome the next. Perhaps not better, but just as good if you let it.

Panasonic Lumix G3 with an old Soligor 28mm lens in Nikkor mount. I fitted it to the G3 with a Fotodiox adapter. For some reason it is lousy at infinity focus, but it works well closer in. Credit the soft overcast afternoon light.  Processed from the camera’s jpeg file in Photoshop CS4.


2 comments on “After the Frost

  1. Mike Crape says:

    We have our second snowfall covering the garden now so the last of the root vegetables are now out, time to enjoy the last of the harvest. Good things ahead in the next season. Great shot and write up Steven.


  2. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks.


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