Stripes are in


New Milford, Connecticut © Steven Willard

Sitting at a table in a restaurant waiting for your food to be served is a great time to watch people. There is enough going on that few people will pay you any mind if you are reasonably discreet. I had set my camera on the table when we first sat down and left it there to see if anyone noticed, and give them time to forget about it if they did. I didn’t have a photograph in mind at the time, but as the sun set it made these dramatic lines that echoed the sweater on the woman on the right. The light was harsh and I was afraid the highlights were going to be washed out but I thought it was worth the chance. The camera was set to live view so I could see the framing without lifting the camera to my eye. I took three exposures, waiting between them for the people to arrange themselves, before  the owner came over and lowered the blinds and that was it.

A bit ago I wrote about loosening up a bit. It used to be I probably wouldn’t have made a photograph like this; there is no real composition and the light has completely blown out the man’s shirt in places. And yet I like it and make no apologies for it.

Pentax K5IIs, 15mm lens. Processed in Photoshop CS4 and Silver Efex Pro 2


5 comments on “Stripes are in

  1. Marc Isolda says:

    now your talkin!!!!!!!


  2. Mike Crape says:

    Great shot Steven, busy places give you great opportunities to ‘watch’ and wait.


  3. Thanks Mike, I wish I had more time to sit and wait.


  4. kitt says:

    Your eyecatching justice using black and white of horizontal and vertical sizes is fantastic! This comment also is applied to Dec. 8th picture.


  5. It’s very nice of you to visit and to take the time to comment. Thanks.


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