One week left


My good friends Susan Reinberg, Marc Isolda and I held a showing of some of our work at the Woodbury Public Library. This was the first time the three of us showed together, but it was such a nice experience I hope we do it again. As usual the library staff was wonderful about helping get the word out to the local publications. My thanks to them. Personally I go into this kind of event as much to see the work hung as a group as I do hoping to sell prints;  but selling a couple helps.

Showing one’s work is important; as a visual art not letting people see what you are doing turns the exercise in to something like masturbation. Showing it on the internet is one way, but you miss the one on one experience of talking to people about it. What they like (or don’t like), and trying to explain what you are hoping to accomplish helps bring it better into focus for yourself. There’s nothing like explaining to a stranger what a photograph means to help you understand it better yourself. Yes there are some people who only want to talk about the technical things, and I try to answer those, but I’m more interested in talking about the art than the nuts and bolts.

The twelve images I showed were from a project I call “Quiet Connecticut”. All of the images were made in the northwest corner of the state and are an attempt to remind people how many beautiful spots we have right in out own backyards. Connecticut is fairly well populated but with just a little effort it’s possible to get away to someplace peaceful and quiet. Several of the black and white landscapes featured on these pages were there.

If you are a photographer I encourage you to find a place to show your work to the public. Local libraries are a great place to start.


2 comments on “One week left

  1. Mike Crape says:

    Sounds like a great event, wish I could have seen the combined works. Are you going to put your twelve pieces up online? Would enjoy seeing them. Thanks Steven.


  2. Marc Isolda says:

    Thanks Steve for the kind remarks. Your work is a cut above!!!


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