On another day

New-Haven-DoorwayNew Haven Doorway, New Haven, Connecticut © Steven Willard

In my last post I featured a doorway in my hometown of Woodbury, Connecticut. It’s not a remarkable doorway; actually rather plain, but it is a pretty good representation of the town as well as the structure itself.  It’s a sample of what is typical. Woodbury is a small New England town, few modern buildings and fewer commercial buildings of much size. The most common material is wood; the predominant color is white.

A few days before I took that image I had to be in New Haven to drop off some prints for mounting at Hull’s Art Supply*. I don’t get to experience urban street photography very often so whenever I get down there I try to take advantage of the opportunity. I’ve had an interest in architecture for years; I even entertained the idea of studying to become an architect, but I just didn’t have the math skills.

I find it interesting how I am (and I imagine others are), drawn to the same themes over and over with no conscious intent on my part. I like doorways, and strong graphic images. If I had to choose, I’d pick black and white over color. I like finding details that are indicative of a whole, that “sum up” the feeling of a building. But isn’t that one of the things at which photography excels? Calling attention to the part, that represents the whole.

Some may notice that the texture of the building above is the same as the image  from “Bus Stop-No Standing” of July 14th. Same building, different day.

Pentax K5 IIs, 15mm lens. Processed in Photoshop CS4 and converted to black and white in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. Some slight perspective corrections were made in Photoshop to straighten the verticals. The Pentax 15mm is practically distortion free.

*Hull’s Art Supply and Framing has been very generous to me and Stewart and Matt have offered nothing but excellent advice. Visit them at http://www.hullsnewhaven.com.


3 comments on “On another day

  1. Mike Crape says:

    I like this shot Steven, it is true that you can get a sense of the building through shots, particularly this one. By the way, apparently I didn’t have the physics skills. Thanks for another great post.


  2. Thanks for becoming a Follower. Happy blogging.


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