One Step at a Time

Power Station

Kent, Connecticut © Steven Willard, 2012.

I just about had to be dragged into the digital age; maybe not dragged, but I was slow to accept it. If it hadn’t been for my friend Marc’s insistence I’d probably still be shooting film. Now I’m fully engaged in digital photography and not looking back.

This wasn’t easy. I had spent years learning to work in silver based photography and while I was far from an expert I was capable of making a black and white print that came pretty close to looking like the image I visualized when I made the exposure.  Giving up that level of proficiency took something of a leap of faith because I felt that the only way for me was to go all in; all or nothing.

There were some early rough spots; Photoshop wasn’t an easy thing to get my head around, it still isn’t for that matter but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Another hurdle was getting a print that came close to looking like the image on my monitor. That was perhaps the most difficult for me. It’s better now, not perfect but I’m getting closer. It has been a process of learning one step at a time. Isn’t it like that for most of the lessons we learn in life? We take one step forward, sometimes timidly sometimes with confidence and sometimes we have to take a step back.  But little by little we learn; one step at a time.

Pentax K10D, kit zoom. Processed in Photoshop CS4.


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