On-Dorothy-Diebold-Lane-10xpsdRoxbury Land Trust, Roxbury Connecticut © StevenWillard

This is my second effort at a blog site. I started at Posterous® because it was free and easy, and all I was looking for at the time was a place I could direct gallery managers where they could see my American Flag series. After a while it seemed wasteful to use it only for that, so I began including more of my images and they needed some sort of explanation, and what started as long captions got longer and longer. To my surprise I found I like to write…as long as there is no pressure. So here we are. I’m under no pressure to add new photographs or to write about them, and you are under no pressure to look or comment, although I hope you will.

A note: I will be experimenting on this site in ways I never did on the Posterous® site. Things may go up and come own as I try new layouts and try to learn how WordPress® works. I apologize in if this is confusing. All photographs and text, except those specifically noted, are © Steven Willard.

17 comments on “Home

  1. Susan Reinberg says:

    This gorgeous photograph makes me jealous that I have not yet stopped to capture these glorious colors of spring;s first blossoming as you have, Steve. Thank you for sharing your vision, and for reminding me that, for the dedicated photographer, the moment is always now.

  2. Marc Isolda says:

    a great shot as usual

  3. Pat says:

    I wanted to check out your work after you left me that very nice comment. When this photo came up, I went wow – that’s nice. Welcome to WordPress. I have been very happy with the support I received as a new blogger. I look forward to seeing your experiments. :)

  4. steviegill says:

    Great shot. Love the strong black tones in this.

  5. Joe says:

    Great shot Steven.

  6. Great Shot ~ thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I look forward to seeing how your blog and photos develop! Welcome to the WordPress Community!

  7. bullroarin says:

    Very nice shot Steven. I love B&W and look forward to seeing more from you. ~ Dave

  8. Congratulations on First Prize at the Members Show at WAA! I love this image of the stone bench too.

  9. Randy says:

    Very nice. How do I view more?

  10. Great work here, Steve !

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